Keynote: Snake Oils & Elixirs Функциональное программирование

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John A De Goes

A mathematician by training but a software engineer by vocation, John A. De Goes has been professionally writing software for more than 25 years. John has contributed to dozens of open source projects written in functional programming languages, including ZIO, a library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in functional Scala. In addition to speaking at Strata, OSCON, BigData TechCon, NEScala, ScalaWorld, Scala IO, flatMap, Scalar Conf, LambdaConf, and many other conferences, John also published a variety of books on programming. Currently, John consults at De Goes Consulting, a consultancy committed to solving hard business problems using the power of pure functional programming.


Technology has always been dominated by hype, and the Scala ecosystem is no exception. From language features to libraries, tools to techniques, and patterns to paradigms, evaluating the dazzling number of wares in the ecosystem can be intimidating and confusing, even for experienced Scala developers.

In this fast and furious presentation, John A. De Goes will take you on a sometimes harrowing, sometimes entertaining look across the Scala ecosystem, with an emphasis on the functional side, offering an opinionated and uncensored take on all the hype in Scala.

Come learn about the snake oils and elixirs of the Scala language and ecosystem!

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