Designing programmer-friendly APIs: a tapir case study Функциональное программирование

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Adam Warski

I am one of the co-founders of SoftwareMill, where I code mainly using Scala and other interesting technologies. I am involved in open-source projects, such as sttp, MacWire, Quicklens, ElasticMQ and others. I have been a speaker at major conferences, such as JavaOne, LambdaConf, Devoxx and ScalaDays.

Apart from writing closed- and open-source software, in my free time I try to read the Internet on various (functional) programming-related subjects. Any ideas or insights usually end up with a blog (

A good API is not only a pleasure to use, but also makes the code easy to read and explore. How to create a programmer-friendly API in Scala?

Does tapir succeed in that area? What kind of techniques does it use? What were the problems?

Come and find out!

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